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Golden visa is a fast track visa system leading to permanent Residency in Portugal. You have to invest 5, 00,000.00 Euro into the property in Portugal and you will get the permanent residency within 2-4 months. This visa policy was introduced by the Portuguese parliament in 2012 to attract the foreign investor. There are other ways to obtain the PR, but this is the best way to get permanent residency and property is yours. Whether you stay yourself or you rent out it’s purely your discretion. You can procure your PR by creating 10 local employment under the business category but entire onus is on your shoulder and too risky as well.

Once you invest half a million euro into your desired property in Portugal, you can include your entire family: Husband, Wife and children. But accompany children has to be below 18 years.

Yes you can invest into a 30 years old property and you have to invest
3, 50,000.00 Euro and after this you will get PR for your entire family. 

We shall find out the right property for you and will give you couple of option with property photographs. Title search and its clearance will be checked by our company in Portugal. You will be invited in Portugal to see the property and we shall arrange such meetings with property owners and legal authority after that you can invest.

Yes, you can be a 100% owner of the property and Portugal is a 2nd best investor friendly country in the entire European Union.

Soon after you purchase the property, your golden visa file will be processed and it takes minimum 2 months and maximum 6 months based on the work load of the immigration office in Lisbon.

After the successful completion of your permanent residency in Portugal and we can file your citizenship applications to the Government and once it is approved you can always apply for Portuguese passport

Portuguese passport is the 6th most strong and valued passports in the globe.

NO, once you acquire Portuguese nationality, you're supposed to renounce Indian Passport, though you can apply and acquire OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) though, Portugal has no problem with dual citizenship.

You will get all those facilities which are given to locals such as: Education, Healthcare, Business, Employment or any other things that you wish to do in Portugal except the voting rights and you can not apply government post.

You have to stay only 15 days in a year. This is the shortest and easiest things for foreigner.

No there is no double taxation in Portugal. Income generated in Portugal will be taxed and income generated out of Portugal is yours and you do not have to pay double tax.

Yes, you can visit and do business with 26 Schengen countries.

Portugal is rated safest country by world peaceful index. Lisbon has rated best livable 25th cities of the world.

Yes, it is the 2nd best investor friendly country in the entire European Union. Portugal is the country of migrants and it is the land of opportunity.

Yes “anyone arriving in Portugal on Schengen visa, obtaining legal entry from SEF, NIF (account number from finance department), and having a bank account is eligible to register with the finance department as a freelancer (self-employed).

No “You should find a company or person for your responsibility who shall give your guarantee to the tax department that guarantee latter duly prepared and attested by the notary.

No “While opening the activity, you should mention here the activity of your business/work you are going to start, and a code of this activity shall be mention in your registration document

A freelancer means you can work or do any small business activates without registration as a limited company as an independent, made services provider agreement instead of an employment contract while selling your product or services. It is also called Recebo Verde.

Freelancer in Portugal is exempt from social contribution for a year. In case wish to Social contribution lowest as compare depended employee (work contract with company) is calculated 1/3 of your total wage as a base value to calculate 21.4% & it paid monthly/quarterly.

Freelancers exempt from IVA (VAT) up to 10000 euro in 2019 & 12500 euro in 2020 sale/services in a year.

Freelancers freely work anywhere with any legitimate company & person around the world. Freelances allowed working as an employee (as a depended on the worker) and permitted to open or become shareholders Portuguese & overseas companies.

It is paid monthly/quarterly” Recebo Verde (Invoice of the work done during the month) is prepared every month consolidated or as per your work and based on your total income, the tax is calculated subject to the exemption amount.

Yes “with the document of freelancer registration certificate issued by tax authority along-with others supporting documents as such Schengen visa, Portugal entry declaration with SEF, NIF (tax number), Junta (Address Registration proof), bank account, a response letter from sponsored company attested by a notary (Not required for EU/EEA persons), Passport. The SSN (segurança social department) NISS number issued on the same moments you’re requested.

The SSN (segurança social department) NISS number issued on the same moments you’re requested subject to needful documents.

Yes ‘Freelancers (self-employed) are considered active entrepreneurs in Portugal and are legally eligible for a residency permit under Portuguese immigration article 89. Here is the step-by-step process for residency permission as freelancers in Portugal article 89” STEP BY STEP RESIDENCE PERMIT ARTICLE 89. The processing time to obtained residency in Portugal under the same law take 6-8 months’ there is no separate slot or time for self employees

Schengen visa” maybe you are exempt from visa and permit.• Entry declaring proof on Portugal territory• NIF (Portugal personal tax number)• Home address registration certificate (Junta)• Bank account• Proof of open activities in tax authorities• SSN Social security Number (NISS)• Police Clarence certificate from your native country or residence country• Social contribution proof• No debits declaration from social and tax departments• May immigration officer ask for additional documents• Proof of contract and agreement for services and products sale

Yes,” Recebo Verde and social security, tax declaration (Pagamento) can be prepared himself, but hiring an accountant his much better to keep accounting by law. What is processing time to obtain residency permits under freelancer activities? Processing time to get residence permit under article 89 is nearly 6-8 months” there is no separate slot on immigration portal.

Yes,” your family can accompany or call them latter of your residence status in Portugal.

Yes, any time you wish to close the freelancer activity, for closing, visit the finance/tax Office and request to close it irrespective of any of your outstanding tax Liabilities.

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