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How to Obtain Your Temporary Residence Card in Portugal?

There are many ways and means to procure your residency in Portugal. If you wish to relocate yourself and quickly you wish to attain your legal status in Portugal go for a Temporary Residency Card (TRC). This is the easiest way to get legal status in Portugal but you need to have full time job with minimum monthly income of 1070 Euro’s in hand.

SEF is the TRC issuing authority in Portugal and when you apply first time, you will get the validity of 1 year and 2nd time you can get your TRC for 2 years and 3rd time you will get the validity of 2 years. After 5 years you are eligible for Permanent Residency.

Individuals who have been living for five uninterrupted years in Lisbon or another city can obtain permanent residency in Portugal, provided that they satisfy all of the ongoing conditions.

Moving to Portugal is an attractive option for many EU and non-EU nationals and the formal procedures for working and living in the country are fairly easy.  

Residency requirements in Portugal

An important condition for applying for permanent residency in Portugal is that the applicant has lived for five continuous years in the country. During this stay, he or she must have held a Registration Certificate, mandatory for all individuals who wish to stay in the country for more than three months, either if this stay is related to education, work or business purposes.

Third state residents, as well as those individuals from all other states who are not part of the EU (and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland), must first hold a residency visa before they can apply for permanent residency in Portugal.

Those interested in immigration to Portugal should submit their application for a permanent residence in Portugal with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

Another manner in which an individual can acquire permanent residency in Portugal is through investment. Our Portugal can help you with detailed information about this special investment process. 

Applying for permanent residency in Portugal

The list below contains the main documents needed to apply for permanent residence in Portugal:

  • Identification documents: the valid residence visa or temporary residence permit, as applicable, as well as the passport and two photographs
  • Proof of income: the applicant must be able to prove that he/she has a steady or sufficient income to live in the country.
  • Proof of accommodation: it is also mandatory to prove that accommodation is ensured, through a property purchase/rent agreement.
  • Proof of uninterrupted residency: the applicant must show that he/she has been living in the country for the previous five years; an immigration lawyer in Portugal from our team can help you with information about the maximum absent periods during this time.
  • Proof of healthcare and social security: a valid health insurance as well as proof of enrollment for social security and tax status.
  • Proof of knowledge: the applicant must prove that he/she has sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language through a language assessment certificate.

Getting a temporary residence permit in Portugal

The temporary residence permit is issued for persons wanting to settle in Portugal and who make proof of monthly incomes of at least EUR 1,070. It is good to know that dependents will be part of the application and will receive the temporary residence permit. This status comes with varied benefits like no taxation on royalties, dividends, foreign-source pensions for 10 years. Here are other details you should consider about the temporary residence permit in Portugal:

  • It is available for one year, with the renewal possibility.
  • After 5 years of having a temporary permit, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.
  • A temporary residence permit can be renewed for two years.
  • EU and non-EU citizens can apply and obtain the temporary residence permit.

Temporary residence permits for non-EU citizens

A temporary residence permit is needed for citizens staying more than just 3 months in Portugal. This comes with a long-term residence visa in Portugal and residence for one year with the possibility of renewing the permit and legally stay in Portugal for the next two years. As a mandatory requirement, foreign citizens wanting to relocate to Portugal must prove they have enough funds to support the living in this country, to apply for health insurance and a work permit. The temporary and permanent residence permits in Portugal are issued by the Portuguese Immigration service for citizens from EU and non-EU countries.

Students and other applicants will need to present additional documents. If you are interested in obtaining residency in Portugal, you can request the special help provided by our immigration team if you have decided to apply for a residence permit. 

Work permits in Portugal – what you need to know

Non-EU citizens need to pay attention to the requirements involving the work permits. Being a country part of the Schengen Area, Portugal solicits a short-term Portuguese Schengen Visa from persons wanting to work no more than three months. Besides that, the Portuguese residence permit needs to be obtained if you intend to work and live in this country.

It is important to know that a work permit is issued only for persons who prove they have a job in Portugal by filing different documents from the employer. As it is known, citizens from EU, EEA and Switzerland don’t need to consider the issuance of a work permit, but a residence certificate showing they live in this country. Married persons to Portuguese citizens can easily obtain the work permit without having to consider harsh formalities.

The rules in matters of employment in Portugal are quite strict due to the high number of unemployed persons. According to the legislation, all vacant jobs need to be advertised in Portugal and fulfilled by the local workforce before are offered to foreigners. All the requirements and bureaucracies linked to the permanent residence and work permits can be explained by our experts in obtaining residency in Portugal

Is dual citizenship permitted in Portugal?

Yes, the dual citizenship is recognized in Portugal; therefore, you don’t need to give up your original citizenship. The Police Clearance Certificate, bank statements showing you have enough funds to support the living and the health insurance are among the necessary documents solicited for a citizenship application. The marriage and the birth certificate, plus the valid passport are also needed. Instead of dealing with complex formalities when applying for citizenship in Portugal, we recommend you talk to our experts in our office in Portugal. 

What else you need to know about residence permits in Portugal

In the case of temporary residence permits in Portugal, the renewal needs to be made within 30 days before the expiry date. The authorities can verify if the citizen has a clear criminal record or not, if they pay the taxes and social contributions in the country, if they afford to continue to live in Portugal and if they aren’t subject to any restrictions.

As for the permanent residence in Portugal, this normally has unlimited validity, however, it has to be renewed every 5 years, especially if changes took place this period. Having basic knowledge of the Portuguese language, sufficient funds and no criminal activities will have to be determined and verified by the authorities.

We mention that persons living in Portugal and having a permanent or temporary residence permits have the right to study and work in Portugal, have several tax advantages, can access social services and can operate under the recognized professional certificates. In other words, foreigners living in Portugal enjoy the same rights as nationals, having no restrictions or special conditions imposed by the law.

We are here to assist you and take your burden away from your shoulder and we shall ease out you to smoothly settle down in Portugal with your legal status.

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." --Winston Churchill 

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